these days.

we've been going on evening walks
(trying to reach our fitbit goals)
planning some fall camping trips.
talking about going thirty days without added sugar.
...and enjoying the treats while we can!
loving her giggles & watching her perfect sitting.
   really really really loving the crisp autumn chill in the air.

my memory cards are full of our summer fun! i can't wait to share our fun with you!


then & now.

Hazel at the hospital. One day new :)

Hazel on her first train ride. Five months.

I was going through photos and when I came across this one it seemed familiar. 
sure enough.


one year without buying new clothes.

today is the day.
today i start a journey of wanting less and buying less.
today i say no to good deals & steals.
today i start a year without buying any new clothes. 
i tried this once before.
with my mama.
let's just say only one of us made it.
(i blame patagonia's annual sale & getting a job at anthropologie)
but here we go again.
i'm hoping by making a public announcement it will keep me more accountable :) 
so here is to a year without buying ANY new clothes…

i can do this… i can do this :)


i'll keep you updated in how it's going and if i find anything i have to have…
i'll send the deals your way :)