one year without buying new clothes.

today is the day.
today i start a journey of wanting less and buying less.
today i say no to good deals & steals.
today i start a year without buying any new clothes. 
i tried this once before.
with my mama.
let's just say only one of us made it.
(i blame patagonia's annual sale & getting a job at anthropologie)
but here we go again.
i'm hoping by making a public announcement it will keep me more accountable :) 
so here is to a year without buying ANY new clothes…

i can do this… i can do this :)


i'll keep you updated in how it's going and if i find anything i have to have…
i'll send the deals your way :)


twenty seven things.

one year to do:

travel by train.
make homemade ice cream all by myself.
buy no new clothes for myself for a year…gulp.
travel to a national park.
join a play group.
shoot a roll of film.
make spring rolls.
get 10,000 steps in for 30 days straight. 
paint our kitchen cabinets.
make plans to travel overseas.
get family photos taken.
make a budget and STICK TO IT!
photograph mini sessions.
find a new to us couch.
find & order new glasses.
make homemade donuts.
take a sabbath from the internet one day a week or nightly.
go to a Vikes game at the gopher stadium.
take Hazel camping.
organize photos on computer.
go on a little trip with just ry.
host guests at our place through arbnb.
become a better gardener…aka plant my own garden next year.
lose the baby weight…gulp.
get CHICKENS! :)
try oil pulling.
try one new recipe a week.

here we go.

(do you see the 27?)


the weekend in a snapshot

cheered on coast rica.
picked lots and lots of strawberries
thankful for strangers who find your wallet, email you and drop it off in your mailbox
celebrated the fourth at nana & papas 
trying to get more and more steps in to reach my fitbit goal!