48 hours.

last Saturday we woke up WAY TOO early to spend a quick 48 hours in Chicago.
since it was so quick we'll break it down.

The Highlights:
watching Haze drink from a straw (SO CUTE!)
imagining what life would be like living in the city
seeing friends
riding the blue line
donuts at Stans
seeing the lake
trying lyft 

The lows:
Hazel not feeling the best...which equals not sleeping the best.
I think she knew we wouldn't be in Chicago long and wanted to make the most of it.
such a smart girl :)


these days: January addition

feeling proud that I've kept up my new resolution goal
trying to get better at keeping the house clean due to a crawler and her putting everything in her mouth 
planning for Hazels birthday party (next month already?!?!?!?)
debating about painting a kitchen wall white
searching for the perfect thrifted chair
reading this book with ry. we're only a couple of chapters in but we're both really enjoying it and feeling challenged by it. so far we recommend it :)
wishing for Hazel to not get any more colds this season!!! seriously. seeing your baby sick is THE WORST!
searching pinterest for new dinner recipes. got some favorites? send them my way. Please and thank you!